UFOs, they’re everywhere.

My living room, my bedroom, my Yarn Vault. And before I can really get started publishing, I need to whittle down some of my UFOs or I’ll never get them done.

You know what I mean, right? Unfinished Objects. /sigh/ I hate having something unfinished, especially when I’ve been looking forward to using them when they’re complete. So, publishing is waiting a little bit until I finish the blanket I’m currently working on.

It’s quite lovely, actually. Lilla Bjorn’s Stained Glass Wonder Blanket. https://www.ravelry.com/projects/CarochetDesigns/stained-glass-wonder-blanket

Just a few more octagons and I will be done. And, then watch out! Lots of things in the wings to share with you!

Like a high collar capelet I can’t wait to show you! Little hint… it uses this gorgeous yarn in Rose Gold, Copper, and Onyx. https://us.deramores.com/products/rico-design-fashion-cotton-metallise?variant=812704989191