CGOA Conference Mini Update

I’m sitting in my hotel room on Thursday afternoon in the middle of the 2019 CGOA Conference. I am so excited! I’ve only been here 2 short days but so much has already happened.

Day 1 was Professional Day. I sat in in sessions led by Moogly (Tamara Kelly), Marie Segares, and the inimitable Marly Bird. I cannot believe the crochet stars I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. Such a lot of information to be fully digested in the coming months but I feel so much more confident after yesterday. I can see my business taking shape! It’s very exciting. Lunch with Melissa, my buddy from Chicago was delightful. The Pho place we headed to originally was closed, but we ended up at a mediterranean restaurant with a very flirty waiter!

That night we had a Mardi Gras party, and while there was a dessert bar, I kept keto and had a small plate of strawberries and blueberries. Made some new friends and solidified  connections.

Day 2 started with a class with Melissa Leapman. I learned some great new stitch combinations and found out she lives just a block or two away from where I lived in New York City! I followed up class with lunch with fellow aspiring designer Robbie Crawford at a little Mexican restaurant around the corner from the hotel. I can’t decide if the food or the conversation was better! We got caught in a rainstorm headed back from lunch, so I came back to my room for a quick shower and a blog post. Better update with pictures soon!

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