Favorite Item To Crochet

Do you have a favorite item to crochet? I do. Shawls! I never really wore shawls before I started crocheting. Sometimes scarves, back in my hairdressing days, but never a shawl. Now, I have a massive collection that’s still growing!

I love the way they incorporate color and texture into my wardrobe. I can put on a crummy pair of jeans and a plain shirt and suddenly BOOM! It’s an outfit when I add a shawl.

I also love that they work up reasonably fast and are so portable. I can make a shawl in just a couple weeks and use bright colors to add whatever I feel is lacking in my wardrobe.

And the stitches! I learn so many new stitches and stitch patterns by making shawls. It’s exciting, fun and learning new things is supposed to help ward off alzheimer’s so it’s beneficial too!

My very first shawl was a blue variegated merino wool in a fingering weight. I had never used such nice yarn before and it was definitely stretching my comfort zone to work with something so fine. But, man am I glad I did! I think fingering weight is my favorite weight to work with. You get a lot of warmth and can make beautiful lacy patterns. And, it’s really cost effective. Most fingering weight yarns come in 400ish yards, so you only need 2 to make a nice sized shawl.

As a plus sized woman, I also love that there’s no size to shawls. They really do fit everyone. I’ve heard other plus sized women say shoes fill that niche for them, but I have wide feet with very high arches, so shoes have always been an issue for me. I ruined my feet in my twenties as a busy hairdresser in cheap heels so I have to stick to supportive shoes which aren’t quite as fun – currently Danskos in a brightly colored patent leather. But, shawls? I can wear whatever I want!

So how about you? What’s your favorite type of crochet project? Is it socks? Afghans? Shawls? Anything made of yarn??

Happy hooking!

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