Setting Up My Studio

While I’ve been working at organizing my massive yarn stash, I’ve also been working on setting up an area to video my tutorials. This is far more complicated than I expected! Lighting! Cameras! Open Space! Background! So many things to think about.

It’s still in progress, but I’ve set up a desk/table to work on. I started with just my laptop but quickly figured out that my laptop doesn’t have enough USB ports to handle two cameras and a microphone, so my son set about building a video computer while I worked on the other details.

First, my video camera. I had this grand idea that my cell phone and my laptop video cameras would be sufficient. Um, no. They were dark and grainy and just not what I wanted. So, I researched and hit a good sale and bought 2 of these bad boys.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

So, now I had a camera, but how do I film my hands? I can mount the camera on the back of my monitor, but that only gets my face. So, now what?

Neewer Adjustable Desktop Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Holder with Base

I liked that so much I bought another one for my face cam. So one for my face and one for my hands. But, still it’s kind of dark, so what next?

VILTROX L116T CRI95+ Super Slim Dimmable LED Light Panel

I need two of these, one on each side of me. This lit up my table area pretty well too. They need to be put on stands so two more of my Boom Scissor Arms. Check. And I could go with rechargeable batteries, but who has time for that? So, I bought these. It should be noted that the first set of power supplies I bought for these were the wrong voltage and the lights barely turned on. So, read the description carefully!

12V DC Power Supply 2A 24W Adaptor

But, there’s something not right about the lighting. I’m not a pro, so I researched some more. Apparently I need a “hair light”. That will help soften the light, reduce the shadows on my face (and man were there shadows on my face!) and help illuminate my background a little bit. But, I don’t want it to show up so I chose one with a boom arm which sits off camera and aims the light in the right direction.

YISITONG 135W Professional Photography Softbox Lighting

So, now that I’m broke, lol. I can get started shooting some videos. Watch for those soon! I have a whole series planned. 300 stitch patterns, basic stitch instruction, pattern explanations, I’m really excited to share all of this with the world!

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